Value_A Marketing Intelligence, Nürnberg
Value_A Marketing Intelligence, Nürnberg

Who we are: "Think global, act centrally"

Marketing Research with Value_A means getting the specific information, which is problem-oriented and in line with the client's needs, national as well as international.


Not all questions in the field of marketing intelligence have standardized solutions. We help to find the most suitable study approach for the defined marketing problem, and have the (almost) complete range of qualitative and quantitative market research methodologies at our disposal - from qualitative Creativity Workshops to quantitative Web surveys.


Our services go beyond pure data collection. We are equally happy to give advice on the design of a study as to analyse and interpret the outcome in view of the decisions to be made by the client.


Describe your research problem to us and we will find the answer with you.


Learn more about our work in the following chapters.

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Marketing Intelligence

Karsten Buroh

Feldgasse 43

DE-90489 Nürnberg

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